Introducing Principal Agile Evangelist Bill DeVoe

Happy Thursday everyone! I wanted to write up a quick blog post to introduce myself. I’m Bill DeVoe and I’m the new Principal Agile Evangelist for Velocity Partners. I joined VP full-time in February and over the next month or so, I will take over much of the work that Bob Galen has been doing. I’m excited to get started and help our teams meet our clients’ needs in the best way possible.

Principal Agile Evangelist Bill DeVoe
Bill DeVoe

My background spans almost 25 years and various industries. I started my career in software development, writing Windows applications at Hewlett-Packard in the early 90s. My first introduction to agile was in the form of eXtreme Programming in 2000. At every company I’ve worked at since then, I either introduced agile or assisted in a transformation already underway. And, over my career, I have worked extensively with distributed teams. Working with Velocity Partners is the perfect opportunity to combine my experience with distributed teams and my agile background. Whether it’s Scrum, eXtreme Programming, or Kanban, or using a scaled framework like SAFe or LeSS, we can deliver.

Most recently, I worked with several large enterprises on their transformations, primarily with the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). I coached teams, management, and executives on adopting agile frameworks for their large-scale projects and systems. I’m excited about Velocity Partners as I see that near-shore development offers a lot of benefits without the major downsides that exist in traditional off-shore development partnerships. And distributed teams are something I’ve worked with from an agile perspective for many, many years. I know a lot of the challenges that arise as well as how to address those challenges. I’ve also started using Management 3.0 techniques in my coaching to help organizations move toward 21st-century management models.

I’m an active contributor to the community and lead the Agile Denver Book Club. You can catch me at one the conferences I’m speaking at around the country or you can view my LinkedIn profile  and follow me on Twitter . My email at Velocity Partners is .

Happy coaching!

Bill DeVoe