Offshore Software Development Company: Offering a Distributed Agile Model for Superior Solutions

Velocity Partners is a world-class offshore software development company committed to delivering excellent customer service, recruiting the best talent and constantly exceeding customer expectations in agile software development. We approach each project as a collaborative effort with our clients, and throughout the process, carefully track key accomplishments, service level changes and potential project risks. Our team begins by listening to your specific needs and then partnering with you to efficiently create products that satisfy both your functionality and design requirements.

Offshore Software Development – Empowering Collaboration and Teamwork

There are several reasons why we chose to operate an offshore software development company with delivery centers nearby in the Western hemisphere. Along with expediency, we have discovered that Latin America’s advanced technology centers and large talent pool is the perfect setting for providing our customers with very competitive, high-quality services.

Founded in 2004, Velocity Partners began as a spinoff of an Agile training company, and as such, it is a part of our DNA and engrained in all of our technology processes. Another contributing factor that allows us to reliably deliver emerging technology and optimal business solutions to clients is a team that consists of experienced technology consultants and Agile/Scrum experts. As leaders in software development and quality assurance, our specialties include Microsoft, mobile technologies, Open Source and QA test automation.

To assist us in our quest to provide premium customer services, we also partner with several high-tech infrastructure companies such as Red Hat, Microsoft, Rally Software, Scrum Alliance and VersionOne. In addition we are a member of Agile Alliance, a nonprofit organization committed to advancing Agile development principles and practices.

Velocity Partners expertly delivers nearshore (Western hemisphere) software development services using a distributed Agile model that offers comprehensive planning for accurate delivery and optimal business value. Our team is comprised of top Agile experts, consultants, and engineers who believe in exceeding customer expectations. Contact us for more information regarding world-class services from a top offshore software development company.

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