Nearshore Software Development: Creating a Superior Final Product

Operating as an innovative nearshore software development company, our Velocity Partners team consists of individuals who are acknowledged thought leaders in Agile software development.  In fact we were established in 2004 as a spinoff of an Agile training firm, and as such, Agile and Scrum methodologies are at the core of our business model.  However, irrespective of our commitment to a distributed Agile model, we work with clients in whatever manner they are most comfortable with and approach each project with the goal of reducing development cost and producing an exceptional final product.

Our Nearshore Software Delivery Offers Efficient Project Management

Using a distributed Agile model means we continuously assess and evaluate the effectiveness of our team and the direction of each project.  Communication and collaboration allows you, as the product owner, to have complete transparency and visibility regarding the status of the project.  Our Scrum daily standups are short meetings conducted each day to update what was done after the last meeting and what will be accomplished before the next one.  In addition the team reports on any impediments standing in the way of progress.   During Sprint meetings, we reiterate the most important tasks for the next work cycle and reexamine goals and responsibilities.

Our nearshore software delivery centers also ensure timely communications as we are all in the Western hemisphere.  Moreover your team will be built to specifically address the technical needs of your project as well as your business domain.  We are also proud of the fact that we have a higher than industry average of retaining employees, which means your project will benefit from continuity along with the rest of our quality, cost-effective services.

Velocity Partners expertly delivers nearshore (Western hemisphere) software development services using a distributed Agile model. Our team is comprised of top Agile professionals from the software development community, and we offer excellent planning, accurate delivery and optimal business value. For quality, cost-effective solutions, contact us for more information about nearshore software development.

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