Velocity Partners Addresses Front-End Development Gaps with the UX-Flex Program

Whether you’re building the user experience for online business systems, standing up web portal properties or developing corporate websites for you or your clients, balancing multiple projects and managing variable workloads can be an ongoing challenge.  The UX-Flex program from Velocity Partners is designed as a cost-effective way to increase your front-end development capacity to speed time-to-launch without sacrificing quality.

UX-Flex allows you to manage the spikes in your front-end development load

  • Dedicated engineers ready to address your needs and requests
  • Technical expertise: HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, jQuery, Adobe Photoshop slicing
  • Account management for oversight / coordination / risk mitigation
  • Direct connection to highly collaborative environment with project manager and developers
  • Ability to scale up/down according to customer needs
  • Fractional resources are available

Nearshore NOT offshore

  • US-friendly time zones
  • Collaborative real-time communication throughout the day, avoiding early/late hours
  • Superior English and expert level university training
  • ‘Western’ culture and work habits

UX-Flex model

  • Baseline investment required each month to maintain your dedicated team
  • Effort above the baseline billed hourly at a fraction of US contractor rates


Velocity Partners expertly delivers nearshore (Western hemisphere) software development services using a distributed Agile model that offers comprehensive planning for accurate delivery and optimal business value. Our team is comprised of top Agile experts, consultants, and engineers who believe in exceeding customer expectations. Contact us for more information regarding world-class services from a top offshore software development company.

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