Velocity Partners provides professional Nearshore expertise in software development and test. We offer nearshore (Western hemisphere), not offshore (Eastern hemisphere) services, providing a premium solution for our clients that are seeking a combination of quality software development and staff scalability.

Software Development Teams – We build software with US-caliber staff in cross-functional software development and test teams. Teams are built to spec, including technical expertise and business domain.

Expertise and Continuity – Velocity Partners helps scale your business by extending your existing teams, or adding additional development capacity within your organization. Our strong brand and attractive culture allows us to keep teams intact, month-over-month, year-over-year, allowing you to recognize exceptional ROI from your team.

Distributed Agile Development – Distributed agile is at the core of our business and part of our DNA. All of our teams participate in daily standups with our clients, creating complete transparency and unparalleled collaboration/communication. Likewise, Sprint planning, Demos and Retrospectives are all conducted together in a collaborative voice/video virtual team room.

We find the Latin American education system produces a strong talent pool that meets our rigorous hiring standards and more than exceeds our needs to grow and serve customers.
We encourage our customers and prospects to visit the delivery centers and spend as much time as desired working side-by-side our teams, as well as enjoying the multitude of art, cultural, sightseeing, dining and sporting offerings available in the region.

Members of the Velocity Partners executive team are based in the U.S. and are frequent visitors to our operations in Latin America.

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