Web Application Development Services that Offer Excellent ROI

Velocity Partners uses a distributed Agile model as the framework for our high-quality web application development services.  Agile not only drives our efficiency and output, but as part of our DNA, it is engrained into all of our technical processes.  By taking our years of experience and collective expertise, we work closely with clients to create web applications that cost-effectively serve their needs.  Also, as Agile and Scrum methodologies are incorporated into our very foundation, you will receive total transparency with daily standup meetings, process and code reviews and other forms of communication.

Our Web Application Development Services Allow for Easy Scalability

Teamwork is of the utmost importance at Velocity Partners, and we let leadership set the vision and then empower each team to work together toward one goal – our clients’ success.  As a client, your VP team will be made up of employees who have the expertise to best meet your application’s technical needs as well as your business domain.  Also, to ensure our developers remain on the cutting-edge of emerging technologies and innovation, we invest in both their professional and personal development.  We believe the fact that our employee tenure is above the industry average proves we are doing something right.

Furthermore, our web application development services allow you to scale your business by taking advantage of our technical expertise, and our Western hemisphere nearshore delivery centers offer the benefit of seamless communications.  In addition to daily standups, Velocity Partners’ collaborative approach includes Sprint planning meetings, Demos and Retrospective that all take place in our technologically advanced voice/video virtual team rooms.  Finally our proactive team approach has earned us a reputation for producing outstanding results as well as a long list of satisfied customers!

Velocity Partners expertly delivers nearshore (Western hemisphere) software development services using a distributed Agile model. We have a team comprised of top Agile leaders from the software development community and offer excellent planning, accurate delivery and optimal business value. Please contact us to learn more about our high-quality, cost-effective web application development services.

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