Adding More than Energy to Oil & Gas Software Development

The oil and gas industry is about more than energy, and our teams understand that. Energy sector enterprises are faced with myriad challenges from data analytics and consumer information management to pipeline transport, refinery optimization and distribution.  But, many of these demands have one thing in common – software.


As digital transformation continues, oil and gas companies must remain both effective and agile to keep pace with evolving systems. That’s where Velocity Partners fits in.


We’ve developed specific domain know-how accumulated over ten years of ongoing commitments with the industry’s highest profile companies. We combine that knowledge with expertise and capacity to develop high quality software at a lower cost through our innovative Agile-Nearshore South American delivery model.


Our highly interactive teams of engineers develop innovative SaaS, cloud or on-premise solutions that provide organizations the ability to track and manage daily mission-critical operations as well as their interfaces with customers and providers.


If you are thinking about outsourcing the implementation of a custom energy software solution, consider some advantages of expanding your capabilities with nearshore teams from Velocity Partners:


  • Deep industry knowledge based on real projects in-country
  • Similar time zones facilitate communication versus overseas resources
  • Lower labor costs in geographies with strong software engineering education systems
  • Agile methodologies as part of our DNA


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