Velocity Partners Boosts Front End Development Solutions with Its UX Flex Initiative

Constantly running out of web development capacity? As the business importance of the web continues to increase, the need for talented web developers has skyrocketed. Additionally, mobile trends compound the growing demand for developers who can create responsive web solutions that ensure the user experience over any device at any location. In order to deliver web projects on time, agencies all over the globe are looking for talented developers.

While many agencies turn to offshore firms, Velocity Partners has taken a different approach. Introducing UX Flex, a service that pairs your agency with nearshore web development teams, so you can outsource overflow web dev affordably and quickly. UX Flex developers implement your front-end website designs, including support for text, graphic and multimedia content with technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and more.

Our UX Flex teams adapt to your needs, helping deliver web dev projects your agency doesn’t have the capacity in-house to accomplish. Furthermore, using nearshoring, versus overseas resources, means you can take advantage of cultural similarities, English and language proficiency, located in nearby time zones eliminating the need to schedule meetings with web developers on opposite sides of the globe in the middle of the night. Because of the reduced distance between your agency and remote workers, and Velocity Partners leadership right here in the U.S., collaboration is easy, more affordable and more effective.

We invite you to partner with our agile UX Flex teams, working together in order to deliver high-quality web development projects quickly.

Give us your design files, and we will do the rest. Try it now.

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