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At Velocity Partners we’ve put together a collection of leading talent from the software development community. Our leadership team has deep consulting experience as well as being recognized thought leaders in Agile software development. The team believes in exceeding customer expectations by quickly delivering on emerging technology and cost-effective business solutions. Staff backgrounds range from working with large multi-cultural teams, architectural design, crafting software as developers, testing and overall mastery of information technology.

Peter Stroeve

Managing Partner

“Create an even better tomorrow.�

With a passion for living in such a way that positively impacts the future, Peter Stroeve serves an intricate role as the big-picture thinker at Velocity Partners. Responsible for the overall management, strategy and performance of the company, he places a strong emphasis on delivering excellent customer service, recruiting the best talent and constantly exceeding customer expectations.

Peter’s love of travel was born early when he toured through Europe as a choir boy singing in the world’s most famous cathedrals. Today, he still finds himself globetrotting as he plays a hands-on role in Velocity’s Nearshore operations in Argentina and Uruguay.

Prior to founding Velocity Partners Peter started ProDX, a consulting organization in Portland, Ore. that he led to being Oregon’s #1 Best Place to Work in 2001. He has worked in the high-tech industry since 1985 and holds a bachelor’s degree in systems analysis from Linfield College.

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