Software Outsourcing Company: Experienced, Innovative Nearshore Services

As a highly professional and trusted software outsourcing company, Velocity Partners has successfully completed hundreds of projects for businesses across the globe. Started in 2004 as a spinoff of an Agile training company, we have quickly evolved into one of the premier software developers in the industry. Our reputation is built on providing customers with superior products that incorporate the latest, emerging technology using Agile/Scrum methodologies. We operate nearshore software delivery centers throughout Latin America where we have discovered that the culture, talent and business mindset is ideal for providing clients optimal solutions.

Software Outsourcing Company – Committed to Customer Success

By using an Agile framework, we can respond quickly to the inherent unpredictability of software development, and our precise planning allows us to address and make changes to priorities to reduce risk and ensure accurate delivery. In addition one of the priorities at Velocity Partners is to provide employees with a workplace that enables creative flexibility, which has resulted in an employee tenure that is longer than the industry average. We recognize that satisfied employees mean satisfied clients, which is our number one goal.

At Velocity Partners, we are proud to be a leader in software development and quality assurance, and our specialties include Microsoft, Open Source, and QA test automation. Furthermore, to provide clients with the best final products, we have partnered with several industry leaders including Microsoft, Red Hat, VersionOne and Rally Software. For ongoing professional development and expertise, we are also a part of two nonprofit organizations: Scrum Alliance, that offers Scrum coursework and a host of other resources; and Agile Alliance, which is committed to advancing Agile development principles and practices.

Velocity Partners provides nearshore (Western hemisphere) expertise in software development services using a distributed Agile model that provides accurate delivery and optimal business value. Our team is comprised of talented leaders from the software development community, and we offer cost-effective solutions for any size company. Please contact us for further information regarding services from a world-class global software outsourcing company.

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