Agile Offshore Development: Cost-effective, Innovative Software Solutions

Velocity Partners’ Agile offshore development services offer small to large businesses the full range of our collective experience across methods and domains. Infused in our DNA and core to our business model, Agile brings a unique alternative to traditional project management and is designed to facilitate a quick, flexible response to the inherent unpredictability of software development. By collaborating with our customers and listening to the feedback of those involved in the project, we are able to determine the most appropriate metrics to track and cadence to execute.

World-class Offshore Agile Development that Serves Your Needs

Because our delivery centers are in Latin America, we offer clients the expediency of Agile offshore services that are within Western hemisphere time zones. Our teams are located in cities with advanced technology centers and large pools of tech-savvy, talented individuals. One example is our delivery center in Montevideo, which is the largest city in Uruguay and the center of the country’s higher education. Montevideo was established in 1726 and is described as a “vibrant, eclectic place with a rich cultural life.?

Furthermore, when we say we operate in a challenging Agile environment we mean it. Velocity Partners was established in 2004 as an offshoot of an Agile training company, and several members of our leadership team were part of an elite group of innovative Agile software developers. The distributed Agile approach, which thrives on collaboration and teamwork, is an incremental software development method comprised of adaptive planning, accurate delivery, and continuous improvement to deliver clients the most productive, cost-effective business solutions. Additionally we specialize in Microsoft, Open Source, and QA test automation along with mobile technologies.

At Velocity Partners, we expertly deliver nearshore (Western hemisphere) software development services using a distributed Agile model. Our team is comprised of top Agile professionals from the software development community, and we offer excellent planning and management, accurate delivery and optimal business value. We invite you to discover how we can provide your business flexible, cost-effective solutions with our innovative Agile offshore development.

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