Offshore Software Development Services that Offer a Premium Solution

With its advanced technology centers, large talent pool and cost-effectiveness, Velocity Partners carefully selected Latin America as home to our global offshore software development services.  Our technologically advanced delivery centers provide companies of any size a team of talented software developers with expertise in a distributed Agile model that is core to our business and engrained in our technology processes. We work collaboratively with each client in order to better understand their challenges and to present optimal solutions that reduce the potential for risk.

Expertise and Continuity in Offshore Software Development Services

If you are hesitant about contracting with a company that offers offshore software development services, don’t be.  Our highly professional, nearshore services are in the Western hemisphere time zone to accommodate as many clients as possible.  Founded in 2004, we are a direct spinoff of an Agile training company and our leadership team is made up of individuals with strong backgrounds in the development and methodologies of Agile. Additionally we offer professional development opportunities for our software development team as a way to not only further their expertise but also to ensure the best experience for our customers.

While we are proud to have successfully completed projects for many of the biggest names in business, we work just as hard to meet or exceed expectations for all of our clients regardless of the size of the project.  Part of our commitment includes keeping in daily contact with standup meetings and making it a practice to not only listen but to learn from the feedback we receive.  As a Velocity Partner client, you are our boss and we are here to ensure your satisfaction.

At Velocity Partners, we provide nearshore (Western hemisphere) expertise in software development using a distributed Agile model that allows for accurate delivery and optimal business value. Our team is comprised of top leaders from the software development community, and we offer cost-effective solutions for companies of any size. Contact us for more information regarding our experienced offshore software development services.

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