Outsource Software Development – Professional, Cost-effective Solutions

Velocity Partners has earned a reputation as the go-to company when you need to outsource software development.  We are extremely proud of our team which consists of some of the most talented software developers and consultants in the field.  To ensure clients’ needs are met or exceeded, our delivery centers are nearshore in advanced technology centers in Latin America.  Additionally we have the expertise and experience to offer cost-effective software development services regardless of the size of the project and have successfully completed projects for some of the biggest names in business.

Why Outsource Software Development?  Discover the Benefits

One of the advantages companies experience when they outsource software development is it gives them the ability to scale their business when needed by expanding the team or adding special development expertise.  Keep in mind that our teams are specifically put together based on a company’s technical need and business domain.  Furthermore, as Velocity Partners strives to attract and retain the highest quality employees, your team members will typically be around for as long as you need them.

We are a spinoff of an Agile training company, and as a result, distributed Agile is at the core of our business and in our DNA.  Therefore our goal is to provide clients’ with full transparency and to offer an opportunity for collaboration and communication on a day-to-day basis in our “daily standups.?   Virtual team meetings are done by voice/video to keep clients appraised of the status of their project as well as Sprint planning, Demos and Retrospectives.  We even encourage clients to visit our delivery centers to work side-by-side with their team as well as take time to enjoy the culturally rich amenities of the region.

Velocity Partners offers nearshore (Western hemisphere) expertise in software development using the distributed Agile model for excellent planning and optimal business value. Our team is comprised of talented leaders from the software development community and we offer cost-effective solutions for companies of any size. Provide your company with scalability by expanding your team whenever you need it with high quality outsource software development.

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