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At Velocity Partners we’ve put together a collection of leading talent from the software development community. Our leadership team has deep consulting experience as well as being recognized thought leaders in Agile software development. The team believes in exceeding customer expectations by quickly delivering on emerging technology and cost-effective business solutions. Staff backgrounds range from working with large multi-cultural teams, architectural design, crafting software as developers, testing and overall mastery of information technology.

Barnaby Sheridan

Senior Partner

“Good listening is at the core of all true conversation.�

With an ability to deal with complexity honed over 25 years of developing software, Barnaby Sheridan is uniquely positioned to ensure that Velocity Partners exceeds the expectations of its clients with the timeliness, cost, and quality of the software Velocity delivers. Responsible for overseeing Velocity’s software development and quality assurance operations in South America, Barnaby is driven to ensure that our personnel, practices, and tools are ready to meet the ever-changing demands of Agile software development.

Born in France, raised in Germany, residing at times on both coasts of the U.S., and having travelled extensively, Barnaby is enthusiastic about new cultures and new ideas. He spends a significant part of each year at Velocity’s development centers in Argentina and Uruguay, providing management, mentoring, and hands-on technical and architectural guidance. Barnaby is also a key liaison with Velocity’s clients to ensure that our clients’ objectives are met.

Prior to joining Velocity, Barnaby implemented Agile methodologies for a 200-person development team in Vietnam, acted as lead architect for large-scale web and customer relationship management software development, and started up a consultancy in data warehouse and artificial intelligence development. Barnaby strives to find, and then solve, the difficult problems in software technology.

Barnaby enjoys travelling, reading, playing the piano, and is an avid cyclist. He holds a Masters of Science in Management from M.I.T.’s Sloan School and a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from the University of California.

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