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At Velocity Partners we’ve put together a collection of leading talent from the software development community. Our leadership team has deep consulting experience as well as being recognized thought leaders in Agile software development. The team believes in exceeding customer expectations by quickly delivering on emerging technology and cost-effective business solutions. Staff backgrounds range from working with large multi-cultural teams, architectural design, crafting software as developers, testing and overall mastery of information technology.

Bill DeVoe

Principal Agile Evangelist

With almost 25 years of experience and over 17 years of that in agile, Bill DeVoe is uniquely positioned to understand the agile challenges IT teams face and how to overcome them. He’s worked in agile shops as a developer in the trenches, a manager, product owner, coach, and agile evangelist. He possesses a diverse background and has introduced or adapted agile processes with everything from Fortune 10 companies to small startups. It’s this broad-based experience and deep understanding that makes him sought after as a coach and trainer.

Bill’s role at Velocity Partners encompasses content creation, training, coaching, and mentoring VP’s delivery teams. He also speaks at various conferences and works with clients on their agile practices. Bill is a Certified Scrum Professional, a SAFe Program Consultant, and licensed Management 3.0 Facilitator.
Bill lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife Susie and his two children; a menagerie of cats and dogs fill out the home. He has traveled extensively and loves exploring new cultures and places and meeting new people. He enjoys playing video and board games, especially ones that pit players against the game, and has even been known to dabble in writing a few of his own. He has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Wyoming and is committed to lifelong learning.
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