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At Velocity Partners we’ve put together a collection of leading talent from the software development community. Our leadership team has deep consulting experience as well as being recognized thought leaders in Agile software development. The team believes in exceeding customer expectations by quickly delivering on emerging technology and cost-effective business solutions. Staff backgrounds range from working with large multi-cultural teams, architectural design, crafting software as developers, testing and overall mastery of information technology.

Cristian Gohlke

General Manager, Argentina and Venezuela

“Man is born free, responsible and with no excuses.�

Having a passion for meeting new people and cultures, Cristian is well suited as Velocity Partner’s director of nearshore development located in Argentina. This passion is extended in the delivery of quality results to Velocity’s customers in the Americas.

Starting his career as a software engineer but having the desire to guide the delivery of efforts, Cristian quickly progressed to technology leadership positions within the organization. This “coming up through the ranks� prepared Cristian to not only understand the day to day challenges and rewards of software engineering, but also prepared him for the day to day challenges of leading a development center.

Cristian holds a degree in computer science from Comisión Argentina de Informática.

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