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At Velocity Partners we’ve put together a collection of leading talent from the software development community. Our leadership team has deep consulting experience as well as being recognized thought leaders in Agile software development. The team believes in exceeding customer expectations by quickly delivering on emerging technology and cost-effective business solutions. Staff backgrounds range from working with large multi-cultural teams, architectural design, crafting software as developers, testing and overall mastery of information technology.

Steve Macmillan

Senior Partner

“Make it happen.�

With a keen eye for talent and the ability to quickly deliver results that exceed expectations, Steve is a natural-born leader. As an engagement director at Velocity Partners, Steve is responsible for developing new business, managing ongoing client relationships and providing oversight for client projects. He places a heavy emphasis on the guidance and oversight of Velocity’s nearshore services, always keeping his clients’ satisfaction top of mind.

Prior to joining Velocity in 2007, Steve built a 20-year career in the software industry with roles in development, sales, operations and management. Looking for something beyond the technical virtues of software Steve found his niche in sales and customer service – areas that allow him to deliver excellent results by interacting with customers on a broader and deeper level.

An avid sports fan Steve coaches his four boys’ football and basketball teams, enjoys hitting the links on a sunny weekend and lives for college football game days in the fall. He has a bachelor’s degree in international business from Oregon State University.

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